Musicians Christmas Gift Guide!
The holiday season is approaching, here are some thoughts on stocking stuffers for the musicians in your life! 1. The Puck — a 3″ practice pad for drummers. Only $5/ea     2. The Six Shooter from Outlaw Effects — Priced too low to publicly/contractually advertise   3. Liz’s... 
We have the best accordions!
  Currently we have 16 accordions in stock. We are dealers for Dino Baffetti, PanCordion, Titano, Pigini, Weltmeister, Borsini, Beltuna and Mangascini. Here is what is in stock 1. Titano Grand 3/4 reeds, 41/120 keys, 7/4 tone changes, pearl red color -Used -With straps & case $2,499.99 2. Baldoni 3/4 reeds,... 
Our Youtube video is almost there Learn how to buy the best upright acoustic bass! This fascinating Youtube tutorial for choosing the best Upright bass has almost hit 3,000 views!  Mantova’s Two Street Music is excited to assist so many people as they make the decision for choosing the best Doublebass.  There... 
Order your C9 Organ Machine Now!
Electro Harmonix C9 Organ Machines shipped today!  We recommend also purchasing a Switchblade Plus and B9 Organ Machine so you can play them both at once! Call us at (707) 445-3155 and order now!    Read More →

New Theme Song!

// Dec 2nd, 2013
Mantova’s are excited to announce the stores’ new theme song! Hear it here:      Read More →
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