New Theme Song!

// Dec 2nd, 2013
Mantova’s are excited to announce the stores’ new theme song! Hear it here:      Read More →
Advancing an effort to showcase unique gear rarely seen, Mantova’s Two Street Music has produced short videos highlighting the special items available at the Old Town, Eureka store.   Quick Videos include: Orange 8 x 10 Bass Cabinet:   1924 King Soprano Saxello:   Yamaha... 
  We are proud to carry American-made G&Ls.  As Leo himself said:  G&L Guitars and Basses are the best instruments I have ever made.” Find out why–come see us. For more information on G&L.  Read More →
Right Hand Guitar Workshop:  Saturdays in June
  Bring your guitar and join instructor Angel Fargas as he improves your technique with the right hand. Many guitarists are accomplished with their left hand, but are amateurs with their right! Move beyond strumming and using picks as Fargas introduces: -The “5 roles,” including harmonics, strumming... 
Vintage and New Exclusive Collection
See our Vintage and Unique collection here!    Read More →
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