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Ed Manfredi outstanding performance at Redwood Cafe scholarship fund raiser Cotati Festival!

Using a Dino Baffetti accordion provided courtesy of Mantova's Two Street Music, Ed Manfredi threw down an epic performance that the Cotati crowd will never forget!  Ed Manfredi is a well-known, accomplished accordionist from Florida and a good friend of the Mantova's Two Street Music team!

Check out his sizzling performance!

Ed Manfredi, Florida Accordionist, gifted the staff some cool T-Shirts!

Ed Manfredi is a great accordion player living in Saint Augustine, Florida.  He will be playing the nights away near the Cotati Accordion Festival in August.  To celebrate his friendship with the Mantova family, he sent us some special T-shirts!  After you look at the shirt, you need to scroll to the bottom and watch some of his videos!  To contact Ed, Click Here.