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    Wed, 04-19-2017 - 7:51pm — Anthony.Mantova

    Italians Make the Best Accordions!



by Lindy Mantova

Every once and awhile, we have customers ask us: what kind of an accordion should I buy and why should I consider buying one made in Italy?  This is a good question and one we try to answer to the best of our experience.

The Italian manufacturers have been building accordions for about a century and have it down to an art form.  Many of Italy’s accordion manufacturers are located  in the city of Castelfidardo  in the southern part of the country. This is not a new occurrence as many have been there for multi-generations, and are family owned and operated. 

Many great accordions are manufactured with TLC in the City of Castelfidardo

The accordions these long established manufacturers produce are a product of  traditions of proud craftsman whose continuing commitment to improving their instruments  is reflected  in continued changes in acoustic qualities, design (both inside and out), and many other in-house refinements that are only known within their respective companies.

(Currently, we’re proud to be dealers for PanCordion, Titano, Pigini, Dino Baffetti, Beltuna, and Mengascini…all of whom are Italian companies).  Contact Lindy for accordion lessons, repairs and sales!  (707) 445-3155