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    Tue, 05-24-2016 - 11:03pm — Anthony.Mantova

    Music Inc. Magazine Crowns Mantova's "Civic Leader."



Music Inc. Magazine Crowns Mantova's "Civic Leader."

 By Katie Kailus     

At a time when marketing budgets are tight, Anthony Mantova has found a way to promote his store, Mantova’s Two Street Music, without breaking the bank:  community sponsorships. “Two things that work well for us are hiring knowledgeable employees and our community involvement,” said Mantova, who runs the Eureka, Calif., full-line dealership with his brothers, Nick and Matt. “We sponsor a lot of events and are the lead sponsor for many of them.”     

In particular, the company donates gear for use during charity events, linking its name with good causes.  “What we do is we look for good events to sponsor, and then we donate our P.A. gear for the day and get the sponsorship,” Mantova said. 

New Digs     

The Mantova brothers, who took over the former Two Street Music in September 2009, have made several changes to the store, which has been a community staple since 1976.  Mantova’s Two Street Music currently offers rentals, repairs, and lessons in everything from band instruments to guitars.  The brothers also opened a second location in McKinleyville, Calif., during the last holiday season.   “We have made some changes,” Mantova said.  “We are putting the 6,000 square feet to really good use, and we are in the process of restoring the eureka location to what it used to be:  a million-dollar-a-year store.”   The most recent addition to the Eureka location is its “Green Room” concert hall.  “The Green Room,” housed in the old guitar showroom, seats 150 people and serves as a venue for local bands to perform on Saturday nights.  Mantova markets these events on Craigslist.   “We are really active in social marketing through our Facebook page and Craigslist postings,” he said.  “We do quite a bit on the Craigslist community board just by posting what events are going to be on the stage or what acts we are sponsoring.”  

Community Involvement      The store has teamed up with different fundraisers, too, including a New Year’s Eve bash for the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life, and a Sounds 4 Hounds event, which raised money for animal rescue projects.  This summer, Mantova’s also joined forces with the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka to sponsor a two-day summer music festival, which welcomed thousands of visitors from all across the area.     “We get out in the community as a lead sponsor and really represent ourselves and try to promote {charities} that are doing good work,” Mantova said.  “From a marketing standpoint, any time you can get double coverage from radio and TV, it’s worth doing.”   Mantova attributed much of his success so far to this doing-well-by-doing-good promotional strategy.  “Community involvement has been huge,” he said.  “I can’t even put a price tag on the results we’ve gotten from that.”