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How to buy the best upright acoustic bass

Learn how to buy the best upright acoustic bass!

Mantova’s Two Street Music is excited to assist so many people as they make the decision for choosing the best Doublebass.  There is a lot to consider, and in the linked video, Anthony Mantova discusses some of the basic questions that orchestra customers need to ask when choosing the best instrument!

If you are interested in Acoustic upright basses, take a moment and watch the video.  Feel free to leave comments, too!

Yamaha Rosewood Dealers!

The designation of being a Yamaha "Rosewood" Dealer signifies that the music store has a large supply (and immense knowledge) of it's Yamaha guitars.  Rosewood dealers are expected to stock the FG, CPX, APX, L and A series as well as classical models.

At Mantova's, we take it a step further, and stock many of the Yamaha electric guitars as well.  The hard-to-find Revstar guitars are proudly displayed for our customers to experience!