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The KD Chorus from Sioux Guitars, the full wavelength of an ocean of tone!

From the subtle to the thunderstorm, the KD Chorus presents a wide range of Chorusy options.  Certainly not a "one trick pony," the KD Chorus can provide differing Chorus tones for the discerning guitarist.

Like all Sioux Guitars products the KD gets it's name from a local place that is meaningful to the good people that built it.  Check out Sioux Guitars for the story!

Electro-Harmonix releases the Switchblade Pro!

The word is getting out!  Electro-Harmonix is upping their footswitch game with the Switchblade Pro!  Featuring an A/B, A+B and a Bypass, Series/Parallel and more!  The word on the street is that the pedal will not officially land in our store until Janurary 2018, so we encourage you to reserve yours today and make sure you have a front row seat when the first batch is released!  They will be available and you can rest assured that Mantova's are at the front of the line on this!

Fender Workshop: Learn the benefits of an Ebony fretboard

Full article is written and owned by Fender, the link right here.

For years, Fender has applied ebony fingerboards to the popular Jim Root Jazzmaster, Stratocaster and Telecaster.

So when CITES laws regulating how rosewood is traded internationally came into effect on Jan. 2, 2017, it wasn’t a difficult decision as to what to apply to the American Elite Series as a replacement.

Get Educated on the Deluxe Big Muff!

Bill Ruppert shows you how to re-create many of the vintage Big Muff sounds heard thru the years with the modern Deluxe Big Muff Pi. The effects maven describes the Deluxe Big Muff as his "hands down favorite Big Muff" and shows you how it's done. 

Worth a watch, because as you quest for the perfect fuzzy tone, your friendly Mantova's salesman can point you in the right direction!