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Coppersound Polaris Bret

Coppersound Pedal Effects Polaris







Excited about the Loma Prieta:

Coppersound Loma

Coppersound Pedal Effects Loma Prieta - Gritty Harmonic Tremolo with Sidekick Pedal




Innovative, USA built pedals that offer never-before-seen effects and function!  We have them in stock at all times!

The Foxcatcher Overdrive has become one of our top-rated Multi-use pedals.  Featuring creative modifications that adorn it's Bluesbreaker-like curcuit, the Nature knob presents several opportunities for rich tonal variance.  The essence of the CopperSound Gravity Bomb clean boost is also built into the Foxcatcher.

As a special bonus, we also carry the Flashlight from CopperSound.  Wish we had thought of it, so simple!

CopperSound Effects Bret Foxcatcher

CopperSound Foxcatcher | Mantova's Two Street Music | (707) 445-3155

Coppersound Stutter Switch
The Coppersound Foxcatcher OD, available at Mantova's Two Street Music in Eureka, CA
The CopperSound Gravity Bomb is at Mantova's in Eureka, CA