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(Photo Credit:  Sightseer Productions)

Dino Baffetti was very young when he entered the world of the accordion. Over the years, he acquired the ability and the mastery necessary to build the accordion along with a sincere passion to for the creation of musical instruments. In the 1970's, Mr. Baffetti opened his craft workshop where he began building his first accordions under the Dino Baffetti brand. The accordions were immediately appreciated for their sound, technical perfection, aesthetic details, and manufacturing quality!

 (This wood-painted accordion shipped to Mantova's on 1/29/2019)

Mr Baffetti has strived over the years to make Dino Baffetti quality handmade piano and button accordions known around the world, and we here at Mantova's Two Street Music in Eureka, California, are proud to be dealers for these fine instruments!

Each Dino Baffetti accordion is manufactured in Castelfidardo, Italy, which is known the world over as the production center of handmade accordions for more than 150+ years. Dino Baffetti accordions are built with extraordinary handcrafting care and first quality materials, and all the fundamental and essential manufacturing stages are carried out in-house by highly qualified personnel who work together as harmonious as the accordions they create.

Each Dino Baffetti accordion is certified by the Music Marche Accordions which protects the valorization and development of handmade musical instruments in the March region of Italy, by providing a Certificate of Origin and Quality for every 'Made in Castelfidardo' musical instrument produced.

A visit to their website at will allow you to tour all of the accordions that they produce, and while you're there, here are a few catalog features to notice:

Dino Baffetti has piano accordions for beginning players (Studio series), to the intermediate-advanced students (Professional series), to the professional accordions of the Concerto line. Also you will find Chromatic button accordions available. Various colors such as the traditional black, blue, red, white are available for the bodies of the accordions, but also Baffetti offers various multi-colored combinations, as well as a new wood tone color.

Various brands of reeds can be used by special request or the excellent reeds that are normally used will be installed. Amplification pickups, and midi installations can be ordered while the accordion is being manufactured.

And here is a twist that I personally find amazing! One can design the finish of the exterior with at least 7 different decoration packages that allow you to personalize your accordion! When we order a Dino Baffetti accordion, we order it directly from the factory, and when the order is accepted, we are told how long it will take for the accordion to be built to the customers specifications. Usually, it is anywhere from 6-8 weeks, but can take upwards of 4 months. Remember, one doesn't rush quality!!

And if you have any questions, please call or stop by our store, and view the catalogs we have or you can request one be sent to you. Our store phone number is 707-445-3155 or you can email at [email protected].com if you have any questions.

DinoBaffetti Overview

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