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  • DW (Drum Workshop)


On the West Coast, drummers are hot for DW.  With plenty of well thought out drumkits at differing price points from low to high (and highest!), Drum Workshop makes a product with a reputation above reproach.  

If you have a drum hardware problem, then DW can solve your problem.  The California-based company has a wide selection of brackets, mounts and innovative creations that are entirely devoted to the modern drummer.  If you live in the northern California region, Mantovas Two Street Music in Eureka is your local dealer. 

A closeup look at the wood texture of a beautiful DW Collectors Series Drum Kit

With exacting attention to detail, it's not hard to figure out why DW has taken a command position in the world of drummers and retail.

Drum Workshop Collectors Drum Toms, these particular drums are not mountable to the bass drum.

There is some time required to build special order drumsets.  So if you have already visited Mantova's and want something different, let's get you a special order DW drum kit! 

A Polar White DW Frequent Flyer Kit
A Polar White DW Frequent Flyer Kit
The Collectors Series from DW is one of the most sought-after drumsets in the country