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Orfeld Video 1

Sarit kleinman on Orfeld's Amber Moonlight 5 by Orfeld Guitars

Orfeld Amber Moonlight

Dan Orr on Orfeld's Amber Moonlight 3 by Orfeld Guitars


Dan Orr has been building musical gear since 2006 with an emphasis on guitar electronics, effect pedals and preamps with designs that were featured and have recived citations from top guitar publications and co-founded Orfeld Guitars in 2016. As an active musician, here at Orfeld Guitars he is incharge of product vision, design and evaluation.

Diego Grinfeld started to work with guitars in 2008, making his first steps in composite electric guitar design. His patented guitar design was featured on the front cover of Guitar Player magazine (2013), and his guitars are played on some of the most renowned stages in the world. At Orfeld Guitars Diego realizes our designs from paper to player, and is the master of all things related to production.

Orfeld guitars
Orfeld guitars
Orfeld guitars