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Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi 7-string Pickup Set


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The Most Diverse Mix of Tones of Any Fluence Pickup

High-output humbuckers are great for saturated lead tones, but their cleans often leave you wanting. Coil-tapping is one solution but frequently sounds anemic when compared to the humbucker's full output. A better solution would be the Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi Signature pickup. They combine single-coil clarity with the beefiness of a humbucker. Cleans ooze dimension and articulation, while high-gain tones perform neck-and-neck with the gnarliest of humbuckers. Experience a useful array of sounds, thanks to Fishman's Fluence core. Everything from modern high-gain to classic rock overdrive to glassy cleans are conveniently within reach. If you want to unlock the tones that are in your head, load your guitar with Tosin Abasi Signature pickups.

An array of tones at your command

If you listen to Animals as Leaders, you know that Tosin Abasi has an immense arsenal of tones at his command. A one-trick-pony high-output humbucker wouldn't cut it. That's why his signature set is packed with the most diverse mix of tones of any Fluence pickup to date. At Sweetwater, we appreciate how these pickups provide multiple coil combinations in conjunction with different voices. Voice 1 takes Fishman's Modern active humbucker sound, beefs up the low mids, and optimizes the output level. Voice 2 is a classic PAF-like hard rock tone with detailed highs, cutting mids, and percussive attack. Voice 3 is a single-coil sound — the neck is reminiscent of a vintage Tele, while the bridge delivers truckloads of Strat-like quack.

Contains all you need for installation

Fishman Fluence is a revolutionary new way to look at the art of pickup building. To deliver their wide range of tones, noise-free performance, and low-impedance signal, these pickups require a power source and specially designed pots. All of this is included with every pickup. Inside the package, you'll find the pickups, wiring, push-pull and standard 25k potentiometers that are ideal for the active circuitry, and more. Installing a set of Fishman Fluence pickups is a quick and easy way to achieve your electric guitar's full potential.

Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi Signature Set Features:

  • Active humbucker-sized pickup for 7-string guitars
  • Multiple coil combinations work in conjunction with different voices for a useful array of sounds
  • Switchable between modern active humbucker, passive PAF-like, and single-coil tones
  • Cleans ooze dimension and articulation, while high-gain tones perform neck-and-neck with the gnarliest of humbuckers
  • Active electronics deliver a noiseless low impedance signal
  • Onboard rechargeable battery delivers 200+ hours of performance
  • Battery recharges with a simple USB method
  • Contains everything you need for installation

Tech Specs

  • Type:Humbucker Set
  • Active/Passive:Active
  • Magnet Material:Ceramic VIII bridge, Alnico IV/V neck
  • Position:Bridge, Neck
  • DC Resistance:7.8K bridge, 5.8K neck
  • Number of Strings:7
  • Covering:Black
  • Manufacturer Part Number:PRF-MS7-TA2