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    Tue, 12-04-2018 - 12:58pm — Anthony.Mantova

    From Dunlop: a Dyna Comp-rehensive History



(Sourced from, and is a Dunlop original article)

A Dyna Comp-rehensive History

by Dunlop Staff Contributor

Released in 1972, the Dyna Comp Compressor featured simple, straightforward controls—labeled Output and Sensitivity—to govern the volume and compression levels, respectively. Inside, it contained the coveted CA3080 metal can integrated circuit, which remains a key component to its sound and vibe.Load More

The original Dyna Comp Compressor was an instant hit, finding its way into the signal chains of monster players such as Lowell George and Bonnie Raitt, who favored it for the sweet sustain it lent to their slide work, and David Gilmour, who liked how the Dyna Comp Compressor could make his single-note lines bloom and soar. Other prominent guitarists who would rely on the Dyna Comp Compressor include Andy Summers—his popping, ringing clean chords are a perfect illustration of the pedal’s sonic mojo.

But while some compressors pride themselves on being “transparent,” that has never been the Dyna Comp Compressor’s thing. This is a pedal that imparts a delightful and musical color to the sound. Far from being a drawback, this tonal fingerprint is precisely what draws players to the Dyna Comp Compressor’s strong personality. Countless Nashville pickers insist on the signature squash that this pedal provides.

Over the years, the MXR line of compressors has grown way beyond the legendary Script Logo model that started it all, with more features and control over the sound, making it easy to find a comp for any situation.


Script Logo Dyna Comp® Compressor

This pedal is modeled on the circuitry of the classic compressor pedal as first released by MXR—it’s the standard by which all other compressors are judged. The go-to stomp for country pickers, ’80s pop rockers, and new wavers, it now features modern conveniences such as a status LED and AC power-supply input.


Dyna Comp® Compressor

Featuring super simple two-knob operation, the M102 is perfect for adding a percussive snap to your sound along with increased sustain. Compared to the Script Logo version, this pedal has a faster, more aggressive response to your attack. Npw updated with true-bypass switching.


Dyna Comp® Mini Compressor

This pedal puts the classic Dyna Comp Compressor sound in a much more pedalboard-friendly MXR mini housing. It provides all the blooming, rich sustain and the tight, even dynamics that you expect, with the added benefit of the Attack switch, which allows you to go from the classic slower attack or a faster, tighter response, without taking up valuable real estate on your ’board.


Super Comp® Compressor

A powerful pedal that takes the legendary Dyna Comp Compressor sound and adds flexibility via the Attack Level knob. This gives players control over how the initial crack of the note is treated by the compressed signal, making it a great choice for metal guitarists, active pickup users, or anyone wanting tons of sustain without sacrificing their aggressive picking technique.

M76 + M87

Studio Compressor

Bass Compressor

For those who want total control over their compressed signal, these two pedals pack all the power of much more expensive studio compression units into standard stompbox housings. They’ll let you dial in the classic Dyna Comp Compressor squash, but these pedals are built for the utilitarian intricacies of the stage and the studio. With knobs for Attack, Release, Ratio, Input, and Output, plus a bright LED meter to monitor gain reduction, these are some of the most full-featured compressor pedals ever made. With proprietary Constant Headroom Technology™ and true-bypass switching, these are state-of-the-art tone shaping tools.


Dyna Comp® Deluxe Compressor

The culmination of 46 years of Dyna Comp Compressor design and innovation, the Dyna Comp Deluxe Compressor provides unprecedented compression options for any signal. The time-honored Output and Sensitivity controls are there, but along with them is a Clean knob, which allows players to blend in the uneffected signal, restoring bite and immediacy at whatever level works best. The Tone control provides even more options for treating the compressed sound, making it easy to find the perfect place in the mix. The Attack buttons gives the user a choice between a slow onset of compression or a faster response. Any flavor, from old-school squash to open-sounding modern bloom is right at your fingertips—and under your foot—in the same sized enclosure as the original.

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