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5 Keys to Starting Lessons Successfully with a New Student

From the Alfred Music Blog-- Written By Dave Isaacs

Do you have a new student beginning music lessons? You’re embarking on a journey that will enhance his or her life in many ways. From simple relaxation and enjoyment to sharpening abstract thinking, playing music is good for the mind and spirit. And playing with others can be one of the most satisfying things people can do together.

Here are some tips to ensure your lessons start off on the right foot.

From Deering: The Importance of a Warm-Up Routine

(This article is available from Deerings' Nuts and Bolts Magazine)

by David Bandrowski

It doesn't matter what style of banjo playing you do, creating a warmup routine for yourself each time you pick up your banjo will help you progress and perform better. Playing the banjo requires some very specialized technique in your hands. If you try to come right out of the gate and play full speed, your playing is most likely going to be sloppy.

Mantova's Reverb Website has reached over 270 listings!!

Mantova's Two Street Music is a well known destination for music instruments in Humboldt County.  What you might not know is that the company features a powerful online store!

The items listed range from new to used, and are at prices that deserve a second look!  

Matt Mantova is the point-of-contact for the online store, and you are welcome to message him directly at (707) 445-3155.  


What Makes the store special: Mantova's hand-built store displays!

With a background in dairy farming and hard work, the Mantova family is no stranger to carpentry.  Several years ago they became frustrated with the store displays that were available, and have built over half-a-dozen wooden displays. The store displays are "larger than life" and are a welcome surprise for new customers that are not used to a gargantuan store experience.

In today's cookie cutter, big box world, it's important for small businesses to create an awe-inspiring first impression.