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    Sun, 02-25-2018 - 10:26am — Anthony.Mantova

    Hailun Pianos wins Industry Award!



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    Layaway starts at 10% Down. Easy!
    You know the feeling.  The guitar of your destiny.  You see it every day, hanging on the wall at Mantova’s Two Street Music. It’s perfect, it plays like a dream. You would know, you’ve been thinking about that guitar for the last few weeks.  You just have to see if it’s...
  • Product Comparisons
    Mantova's is a proud Rosewood Dealer of the Yamaha Family
    The designation of being a Yamaha "Rosewood" Dealer signifies that the music store has a large supply (and immense knowledge) of it's Yamaha guitars.  Rosewood dealers are expected to stock the FG, CPX, APX, L and A series as well as classical models. At Mantova's, we take it a step further...
  • How-To
    What is a Layaway?  And why it works! ​