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  • Mantova's Donate to Jesus Rocks the Redwoods

(From Jesus Rocks The Redwoods Press Release)

The 7th Annual Jesus Rocks The Redwoods! was a blessing to so many, and in so many ways… we have much to be thankful for. We will have many things to report to you, the first is about the brand new Yamaha Revstar that Mantova's Two Street Music donated to Jesus Rocks The Redwoods!

We are a not for profit event. We are however a rock’n roll, great music loving event! This generous donation not only blessed us, but we believe that it blessed the winner in tremendous ways and it also will bless Mantova’s Two Street for years to come. Let me explain how.

The donation blessed Jesus Rocks The Redwoods by helping us to meet our financial needs, and sparking a greater interest in our ministry. Each year we try to provide our community with great musicians from both Humboldt county, and places from around our great country and the world. This takes money to allow travel expenses for these artists to be with us. Thank you for helping us to meet our needs this year!

The young man, Lester Bramlett was the BIG winner of the beautiful Yamaha Revstar from Mantova's has a testimony. He has wanted to buy a guitar for quite some time now. He has a wife and 2 beautiful children that come first. So the guitar had to wait. Still God had given him this desire to learn to play for Him. He bought some tickets while he was at Jesus Rocks The Redwoods, and HE WON! Praise God!

There has never been a year where either one band, or many bands, did not need to stop off at Two Street for something. We have even had artists go in and record songs right in the store! And our local musicians are frequent patrons. But this year we got a new guitar player in Lester! We do believe that Lester will need lots of strings in the years to come! He's already been by Two Street for an amp, and I think a new relationship has begun with Lester and Two Street Music!

Jesus Rocks The Redwoods would like to thank each of you who bought tickets to support our ministry. And we would like to thank Mantova's Two Street Music for donating to our ministry. We are extremely grateful! We congratulate Lester and we are praying for him on this new guitar journey that he is on.

Please if you have musical needs we ask that you go to Mantova's Two Street Music 124 2nd St. Eureka, CA. (707) 445-3155 for them. It may be easy to order your needs online, but it is way more fun to visit Two Street! And while you are there, please thank them for supporting Jesus Rocks The Redwoods!

For His Glory and by His Grace