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Excited about the Loma Prieta:

Coppersound Loma

Coppersound Pedal Effects Loma Prieta - Gritty Harmonic Tremolo with Sidekick Pedal




Innovative, USA built pedals that offer never-before-seen effects and function!  We have them in stock at all times!

The Foxcatcher Overdrive has become one of our top-rated Multi-use pedals.  Featuring creative modifications that adorn it's Bluesbreaker-like curcuit, the Nature knob presents several opportunities for rich tonal variance.  The essence of the CopperSound Gravity Bomb clean boost is also built into the Foxcatcher.

As a special bonus, we also carry the Flashlight from CopperSound.  Wish we had thought of it, so simple!

Coppersound Stutter Switch
The Coppersound Foxcatcher OD, available at Mantova's Two Street Music in Eureka, CA
The CopperSound Gravity Bomb is at Mantova's in Eureka, CA