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     136 2nd St. Eureka, CA  |  (707) 445-3155  |  |  Tuesday-Saturday 10am - 6pm


Making a purchase is easy

Layaway - Put down 10% on the item you want to buy. Must pay off the item in-full in 90 days. Layaways are canceled if you exceed 91 days from starting date. Layaway deposits are not refundable. No interest or fees.

Trade- Bring gear and we will figure out appropriate store credit. As a nice bonus, trade credits can be used on layaway contracts.

Consignment - If you want cash and are willing to wait, then consigning your instrument is a great way to get maximum payout for your instrument. We offer competitive rates: 20% for items exceeding $1000 and 25% for items below $999. Considering the huge number of customers that visit our store, we really ought to charge more!

Financing Through Synchrony Financial - Some conditions apply, and 6, 12 and sometimes even more monthly payments are possible. Synchrony will approve or deny you within seconds. Financing is a great way to pay for music merchandise over time.

(Video explanations of each payment plan are provided by clicking the links!)

Online Store - Products are being added to our online store everyday! We will service your order within 48 hours.

Reverb Store - If you want some great deals on used inventory, you have got to check out our Reverb page! Many of our stores' trade deals end up listed on our Reverb page. We maintain a rating of 5 stars on the site, and typically earn the right to the "'Preferred Seller," "Quick Shipper," and "Quick Responder."
Front Counter

Special Orders - Need something we don't have in stock? Contact Anthony (707) 445-3155 or

Need a phone number? - Everyone calls us for those hard-to-find phone numbers. Whether it's a recommendation for a piano mover, piano tuner, or maybe a bagpipe teacher -- we have the information you need. Contact Anthony (707) 445-3155 or

Community - The music store is one of the last unique businesses where people hang out to socialize with their friends. Many bands began by meeting at Two Street Music. Great memories are made when you visit a store where you are surrounded by like-minded people that are enjoying their life through music. Mantova's is a unique store that will talk with you without making it uncomfortable, intimidating or stilted. While the store is high energy to the extreme, it is one of the very best hangouts in Humboldt County.
Repair Shop

Mantova's offers several repair departments and functions. 

For guitar contact Nick (707) 445-3155 or

For accordion repair, contact Lindy (707) 445-3155 or
Guitar Repair and Maintenance

Guitar work keeps us busy. We have technicians that work around the clock to keep up with the never-ending demand. You should figure an average rate of $60/hr.

Most common repairs:


Instrument Restring - When you buy the strings from us, a guitar restring only costs $10. 

Output Jack Replacement - Typically a $20 charge. The price of the Switchcraft jack is often included in that rate.

Wiring - We often assist in obtaining schematics and double-checking to make sure the job gets done right.

Pickup Replacement - Fee is typically reduced when the pickup is purchased from us

Accordion Repair Bench

Our Dad, Lindy Mantova, is the areas' master accordionist. He repairs accordions, too! Contact Lindy at (707) 445-3155 or by email:

Here is what we normally see at the bench

Reed repair - We use the traditional bees-wax technique

Stuck Keys

Ozone Machine - Humboldt County's wet climate invites mold. Let us clean things up.

Inspections - There is a bench fee of $50 to inspect an accordion. Inspections are often required to do a job.

Accordion Trade - Our customers often trade in their accordions to upgrade toward a better (or lighter) option.

Troubleshooting Hotline - Mantova's Two Street Music Phone (707) 445-3155

We like problems. Call us with yours and we'll figure it out!

Band Rentals through Veritas!

Simply go to our special band rental website and type in code "mantova" to get started! You can have the band instrument shipped to your home or to our store for pickup!

Great rates on instruments like: flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, etc. Name brands only!

Customized Service

Will we get a band together and serenade your cows?

Maybe, let's talk about it!

Piano Tuner Recommendations? YES! Call:

Alex Espe (707) 267-8133

Nicholas Dedini (707) 834-7195

(Always make sure you call a technician who belongs to the Piano Technicians Guild)


Do you have a Hammond Organ that needs fixing? Call John Chapman: (707) 822-0424 and (707) 496-6107

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