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JHS PackRat 9-way Rodent-style Distortion Pedal

  • OG (1979–83): This mode is a spot-on re-creation of the first production "Big Box" models, complete with accurate Filter/Tone control rotation and taper.
  • White Face V3 (1984–1986): This mode apes the famous white pedal — the Holy Grail version for collectors — with its uniquely tapered Filter control.
  • Turbo V6 (1989): This LED-fueled mode delivers extreme clipping with touch-sensitive saturation.
  • BRAT (1997): Invoking '90s-era grunge, this mode includes soft clipping and capacitor value changes for altered frequency response and unique distortion characteristics.
  • Dirty (2004): This mode evokes the "dirty" side of the popular 2-in-1 rodent pedal, deploying germanium diodes for over-the-top saturation and waveform clip-off.
  • LA (1986): This mode harkens back to a Sunset Strip-themed, Japanese-built stompbox with capacitor changes for altered frequency response, and no clipping diodes — the distortion was produced by overloading the op-amp.
  • Landgraff MO’D (1999): This mode is based on a turn-of-the-century boutique stompbox with a unique swirl paint job and point-to-point wiring.
  • Caroline (2010): Replicating a South Carolina-built boutique pedal, this mode is a clever take on the famous rodent-style circuit.
  • JHS (2008–2018): JHS's long-running All American and PackRat modifications performed on thousands of stock pedals.

  • Distortion/fuzz/overdrive pedal that packs 9 classic stompboxes into a single housing
  • Replicates 4 decades' worth of pedals using analog circuitry
  • Boasts the exact same components as the source units
  • Dial in the perfect sound with Volume, Filter, and Distortion controls
  • True bypass switching preserves your tone when the pedal is off
  • Ruggedly built and handwired pedal

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